Ask Jester, the Ghost Pony

Gr:*thoughs* if she want to guard that family(do more then taking souls to my office and thats not so often right now so she gonna work more)… okay.

Gr: alright… so if you gonna be normal. No naughty stuff,swearing.. only if you really must cuz someone won’t listen. and stuff. Also your new job will be guard that whole family… that’s all. you can leave.

Jes: um… okay bye.

Have you ever tried to spook other ponies at some times, or try to fly into toys and stuff and make them move, spooking fillies, AND can you change into other ponies? (I was gonna say try to turn into ponies that died a while back and make some people hallucinate, thinking they're seeing someone alive, but nah. :P )

that’s evil.

Jester: But.. to be honest… i’m feeling i’m not a simply undead “ghost”. Something else…

Shiny: If not a “ghost” so what?

Jester: i dunno… just i’m feeling, i’m some kind of   outcast… or something, they are mean some of them even not friendly and aggressive,(and possessing other pony bodies)  But i’m friendly and not dangerous at all… but i swear i meet grim reaper when i saved these two fillies giving my own life for it.. They hiding something from me i know it… btw careful with steps… there are lots of small holes…

Shiny: Chill… everything is going to be fine with baby i just get a little… “fater” lately…

Jester: Yes i haven’t updated for long… i’m not dead…


Mod: don’t ask me how she got drunk :U
((its Equestria royal battle Jade))

Mod: don’t ask me how she got drunk :U

((its Equestria royal battle Jade))

Jester: Hold ur horses brainy she might need that body still *sayed near ur right ear*



That’s not exactly comforting when coming from a grim reaper ;_;



((That’s not how cheering up works jester! D: ._.))

Oh sush dan i’m 75% asleep :U

Jester: Sigh… so many lives wasted…

I hope none of these 24 ponies actually lives in that dimension… Because they will must go to underworld for sure.

Actually i join it on neutral/viever side. really nsfw)(won’t post anything nsfw here just  some interactions with ghosts<souls>

jester: i hope my working eye doesn’t look weird when i look like that…

((I didn’t draw her for such long time…))

Umm your followers thing is broken

oh, thanks anon. Fixed ^^