Ask Jester, the Ghost Pony

Jester: Yes i haven’t updated for long… i’m not dead…


Mod: don’t ask me how she got drunk :U
((its Equestria royal battle Jade))

Mod: don’t ask me how she got drunk :U

((its Equestria royal battle Jade))

Jester: Hold ur horses brainy she might need that body still *sayed near ur right ear*



That’s not exactly comforting when coming from a grim reaper ;_;



((That’s not how cheering up works jester! D: ._.))

Oh sush dan i’m 75% asleep :U

Jester: Sigh… so many lives wasted…

I hope none of these 24 ponies actually lives in that dimension… Because they will must go to underworld for sure.

Actually i join it on neutral/viever side. really nsfw)(won’t post anything nsfw here just  some interactions with ghosts<souls>

jester: i hope my working eye doesn’t look weird when i look like that…

((I didn’t draw her for such long time…))

Umm your followers thing is broken

oh, thanks anon. Fixed ^^

Snow: *Starts crying*

Jester: *Rolleyes* Snow… it was just a dumb jumpscare…

Snow: W-Why,w-why y-yo-you d-do that?….

Y-you know i am s-scared o-of-of fa-fangs!

Jester: …. *summons full body and hugs snow*

I am sorry.

WhiteAngel: Sup&#8217;
((Something random i think to show that blog isn&#8217;t dead.))

WhiteAngel: Sup’

((Something random i think to show that blog isn’t dead.))

Jester:  I miss my lil bro, well… now he is eighteen years old stalion or maybe twenty… Oh well… that icompetend retard goes to prison too. That second one, got suspended sentence because he’s trying to obviate the accident.

((Click in the pic if you can’t read from the pic :V ))

((Also  if someone want to see what was on that photo let me know<ask> ))